About Us

"We may try but feel that we can make little difference in matters of world affairs but we are at least lords and ladies of our own manor."

A lifetime of collecting beautiful things and the eternal quest for serenity in our increasingly mad world has inspired us to create our new website Tulip and Thistle to share with you fine decorative pieces and quirky objects to grace and bring joy to your home. 

Named after our two 'unexpected' Labrador puppies Tulip & Thistle specialises in French and European antiques. With a particular interest in equestrian and sporting art as well as the inspirational period of the Belle Epoque, some items in our collection have been chosen for their aesthetic qualities, others for the skill and craftsmanship employed in their creation…. pieces which will sit well with both the minimalist and the maximalist.

Whether you are looking to bathe in the mellow glow of a Galle lamp or find that special piece for a Gentleman's library, we have a constantly evolving collection.

We offer worldwide shipping at competitive rates and the option of overland shipping to a collection point in the UK where we will manage all customs procedures.

Please contact us if you would like information on any pieces in our catalogue.

Thank you for visiting Tulip-Thistle.

Suzanne Davies at her desk